Joint Israel-Canadian Research Workshops

In May 2011, the Halbert Centre initiated a joint research workshop series with Israeli and Canadian researchers. The workshops, held at the Hebrew University, aim to strengthen academic ties between Hebrew U researchers and their colleagues at Canadian universities; to promote the exchange and development of ideas and knowledge with Israeli and Canadian content; and to remain at the forefront of the latest developments in academia.

Guidelines and Application


for joint Israeli-Canadian research workshops 2021-2022

The Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies is pleased to invite faculty members in the regular academic track to submit proposals for the organization of research workshops with participation of Israeli and Canadian researchers, to be held at the Hebrew University. In addition, requests for follow-up workshops in Israel or Canada will be considered by the Halbert Centre if appropriately justified. The goals of the workshops are: to strengthen academic ties between researchers from the Hebrew University in Social Sciences, Humanities, Law, and Social Work, and cohorts from universities throughout Canada; to promote the exchange and development of ideas and knowledge with Israeli and Canadian content; and to keep abreast of latest developments in the fields related to the themes of the workshops. The Israeli-Canadian workshops will focus on a specific theme for a period of between 3-4 days.

While participation in the workshops is not to be limited to Hebrew University and Canadian researchers, the composition of the group should reflect significant cooperation between these groups: the workshops must be led by Hebrew University and Canadian faculty members, and there should be a major presence of researchers from The Hebrew University and Canada. The Halbert Centre encourages the participation of doctoral students in the workshops.

The emphasis of the workshops will be the work of relatively small groups who will focus on a common, clearly defined theme at the forefront of a research field and which promotes creative and original thinking. Criteria for evaluation include academic excellence of the participants, innovation, interest, relevance to Israeli and Canadian content, contribution to the development of knowledge, and the feasibility of implementation.

The allotted sum for a workshop will be up to  C$12,000, and will be budgeted for travel and accommodation of Canadian researchers and for other expenses directly related to the preparation of the workshop. The Halbert Centre encourages workshop participants to hold an open meeting at the end of the workshop, where the central issues, results, etc. are to be presented.

Utilization of the grant is valid for a period of 12 months, beginning in October 2021. The budget will be managed by the Halbert Centre, according to the budgetary details stated in the grant proposal.

The Centre will consider the possibility of holding a conference/s at the Hebrew University in the future for the presentation of the results of the workshops. 

Faculty members interested in applying for a joint Israeli-Canadian research workshop are invited to send their proposals to the Halbert Centre’s Academic Committee.

The proposal (in Hebrew or English) should include the following:

  • Title
  • Abstract (up to half a page)
  • Subject of the workshop with academic justification (up to four pages)
  • List of workshop participants (please include CVs, of up to two pages per participant)
  • Letters of confirmation from all proposed Canadian and Israeli participants
  • Specification of estimated costs. The proposed budget (if approved) will form the framework for the workshop's budgetary activity. If deemed necessary, changes in the budget’s items may become possible following a justified request submitted to the Halbert Centre's academic committee and approved by it.
  • Proposed dates for the workshop

Any publication or activity resulting from the workshop must include explicit mention of The Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies. The workshop leaders will also be required to present a summary at the end of the workshop, which will be distributed to the members of the Academic Committee at HUJI and the Advisory Committee in Canada.

The final date for submission is February 28, 2021. Answers will be provided by the end of March 2021.

Proposals should be sent by e-mail to:

*Final approval of the workshops subject to financial confirmation from the Hebrew University.