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History of the Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies at the Hebrew University


In 1977 the Programme of Canadian Studies, co-sponsored by the Government of Canada and the President of the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University, Dr. Ralph Halbert and his wife Roz of Toronto, was established at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It was the first and only such programme to be developed in Israel, and was headed by the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Professor Nehemia Levzion. In 1981 Professor Arie Shachar, director of the university's Institute of Urban and Regional Studies, replaced him in this position. A steering committee of Hebrew University professors from various departments is involved in the decision-making process. A Canadian advisory committee comprised of academics from various universities across Canada plays an important role in the development of policy. In 1995 the status of the Canadian Studies programme was elevated when the Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies was officially inaugurated. The centre fosters research and promotes the understanding and knowledge of Canadian civilization in all its aspects among Israeli academics and the public at large.


The Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies activities focus on research, publications, public lectures, visiting professors program, courses in Canadian Studies, Library Resources, and Conferences.

For a more in-depth look at the History of the Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies, and Canadian Studies in Israel, please see the following research published by Dr. Joseph Glass as part of the Halbert Centre Research Series - "Canadian Studies in Israel: The First Twenty Years" (2003).