Visiting Professors

Visiting Professors Program at the Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies

The Halbert Centre sponsors visiting professors to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for a short-term visit of 1-4 weeks. During their stay in Jerusalem some of the visiting Canadian scholars give a departmental and/or a public lecture, meet with Israeli and other colleagues, engage in research, and some teach a course.

The call for candidates from Canadian universities draws a large and varied cross-section of academics. Their motivation to spend time in Israel is drawn from their desire to learn from the situation in Israel, to experience the place, and some even return to Israel again and again to discover Israel for extended periods of time.

The Academic Committees in Jerusalem and in Canada while assessing the candidates' academic merit and teaching experience take into account the needs of the various academic departments at the Hebrew University. The committees have tried to ensure that every department will benefit from the visit and teaching.

Thirty-five long-term visitors were at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem between 1978/79 and 1996/97 with the exception of 1990/91 (the year of the Gulf War). All but two were from Canada itself. The Canadians represented fourteen different universities from across the country from Memorial University in the east to the University of British Columbia in the west. As expected, the majority (twenty of thirty-three) were from Central Canada (southern Ontario and southern Quebec). This spatial distribution facilitated the development of a wider range of connections. These visiting scholars were affiliated with seventeen different departments from the faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Schools of Law and Social Work. Twenty-eight short-term visiting professors were invited by the Halbert Centre to speak and conduct research in Jerusalem. During their one- to four-week stays, they usually address an Israeli audience and meet with their local counterparts.

*Applications for the Visiting Professors programme must be submitted by the chair of the hosting department at the Hebrew University. Utilization of the grant is valid for a period of 12 months, beginning in October of the following year. The budget will be managed by the Halbert Center, according to the budgetary details stated  in the grant proposal.


 Guidelines and Application

Visiting Professors Program at the Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies:



The Halbert Centre sponsors visiting professors to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for a short visit of 1-4 weeks. The program aims to build bridges and strengthen ties between Canadian and Israeli scholars.

Description of the program:

Scholars can arrive for a short visit of 1-4 weeks in order to teach, create and strengthen academic ties. During his or her stay, the Canadian scholar is expected to conduct a small workshop or an intense mini-course. In addition, he or she will meet with faculty as well as conduct a departmental and/or a public lecture, meet with Israeli colleagues, and engage in research.

The application must be submitted by the chair of the hosting department at the Hebrew University. The hosting department is requested to submit a plan reflecting the nature and scope of the visit, as well as the applicant's CV and a short bio. Please note that the CV should not exceed 2 pages in length, and should only include the candidate's experience in the last five years. The Halbert Centre will reimburse the visiting professor a total of up to 3,000 Canadian Dollars for the cost of airfare to Israel and housing fees. Any changes in the commitments made by the hosting department and/or the visiting professor will necessitate another review of the request by the Academic Committee and may affect the scope of the support offered.

Applications for the Visiting Professors program must be submitted to the Halbert Center for Canadian Studies by February 28, 2021. The Academic Committee of the Halbert Centre will check the applications and announce its decisions by the end of March 2021. Proposals should be sent by e-mail to:

Please contact the Halbert Centre secretariat with any questions:

Tel.: (972) + 2-588-1344



*Final approval of the applications is subject to budget confirmation from the Hebrew University.