Public Lectures

The Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies Public Lecture Series

 The Halbert Centre together with the Israel Association for Canadian Studies sponsor public lectures on various Canadian topics each year. The lecturers include short-term and long-term visiting professors in the Canadian Studies program as well as lecturers on the Cultural Personalities Exchange Program. Departments or institutes at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem often co-sponsor these lectures. This resulted in the expansion of the potential audience and a higher profile for Canadian Studies in the various departments, the university as a whole, and the public.

 The Halbert Centre sends invitations to members of the Israel Association for Canadian Studies, and advertises the lectures in the local Hebrew and English press. In addition, the respective departments cosponsoring the lectures publicize the lecture among their faculties and other interested parties. Lectures have drawn between twenty to over one hundred persons in attendance, including university professors, students, Canadians living in Israel, and interested members of the Israeli public.