Israeli-Canadian Workshops 2018-19

In the 2018-2019 academic year, the Halbert Centrehosted will host four joint workshops:

1.  "Undesrstanding International Economic Agreements: Theoretical Innovations and Methadological Challenges  ", to be led by Prof. Yoram Haftel (Department of International Relations, Hebrew University),  and Prof. Krzysztof Pelc (Department of Political Science, McGill University) May 15-16, 2019. 


2.  "Israeli-Canadian Workshop on Queues", to be led by Prof. Moshe Haviv (Department of Statistics, Hebrew University) and Prof. Opher Baron (School of Management, University of Toronto), May 22-23 2019. 

3.  "Conversations on Sociomateriality and Understanding Affordances" to be led by Dr. Micki Eisenmann (School of Business, Hebrew University) and Prof. Francois Cooren (Department of Communications, University of Montreal), 16-18 June 2019.
4.  "Charity in Classical Jewish Law: Between Religion and Social Ethics"  to be led by Prof. Benny Porat (Faculty of Law, Hebrew University) and Prof. Gregg Gardner (Deapartment of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies , University of British Columbia), July 16-18 2019.