Visiting Professors: 2012-2013

The Halbert Centre offers funding to visiting professors to teach courses with significant Canadian content at the Hebrew University's faculties of humanities, social science, and law, and in the schools of social work and education.

During the academic year 2012–2013, the Halbert Centre hosted Prof. Benson Honig, Prof. Josip Novakovich and Prof. Dominique Robert.
Prof. Honig, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University, gave a course on  "Entrepreneurship from a Diverse University Base" at the Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology, Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Prof. Novakovich, English Department, Concordia University, gave a course on "Trends in Canadian Writing: Study by Creative Writing" at the Dept. of English, Hebrew University in Jerusalem. On June 10th, 2013, Prof. Novakovich delivered a Public Lecture titled "Found in Translation: A Literary Voyage from Croatia to Canada". Chair: Prof. Shuli Barzilai, Dept. of English.

Prof. Robert, Department of Criminology, University of Ottawa, gave a course on "Technology and Justice: Canadian Policies and Practices as a Case Study" at the Dept. of Law, Hebrew University in Jerusalem.