Guidelines and Application

The Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
is pleased to announce the
Halbert Centre Bi-annual Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Canadian Studies for 2018-2019
The Halbert Centre Post-Doctoral Fellowship is open to students who graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem who will submit their Ph.D. by August 31st, 2018 or have completed their doctoral dissertation no more than three years prior to the submission. This fellowship is intended to enhance professional connection and networks with Canadian scholars, to be carried out at a recognized institution of higher education in Canada. The fellowship grant offered will be in the sum of up to 40,000 Canadian dollars.
Please note that applications must be submitted by e-mail to the Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies no later than February 22, 2018 in order to be considered for fellowships commencing in October 2018.
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