Support for Online Canadian Speaker

Support for Canadian Speakers - Online Program 2021-2022            


The Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies is able to assist in funding online talks by Canadian speakers at the Hebrew University on Canada related topics.              


Detailed requests, including the event’s program, must be submitted by the hosting department to the Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies via email by February 28, 2021 to              


This program includes two categories              

1. Funding of up to 500 CD will be granted for a Canadian Speaker giving a lecture within a conference or departmental seminar              

2. Funding of up to 1,000 CD will be granted for a Canadian Speaker giving a day-long seminar              

Utilization of thegrant is valid from October 2021 until September 2022. The budget will be managed by the Halbert Center.              


Application Guidelines              

The request should include the following details:              

§ The conference dates, topic, the conference program, the subject and the abstract (a draft is applicable as well) of the lecture the speaker will participate in.              

§ A short CV of the Canadian speaker              

§ The speaker's approval of his/her intention to participate in the conference              

§ A recommendation of the faculty dean or the head of the department for supporting this speaker's participation in the conference              


Please note: Following the Halbert Centre's approval of the grant              

1. Clearly refer to the Halbert Centre's support for funding the guest’s talk, in the conference's publications and program.              

2. At the end of the conference / lecture/ seminar, the project managers are required to write a report summarizing the activity and send it to the Halbert Centre, to be distributed to the academic committee members in Israel and members of the advisory committee in Canada.              


Applicants for the grant will be informed of the approval or rejection of their requests by the end of March 2021.