Israeli-Canadian Workshops 2019-20

In the 2019-2020 academic year, the Halbert Centre hosted three joint workshops:   1.  " Wrongful Convictions in Canada and Israel: Barriers to Exoneration - Phase II ",  led by Dr. Barak Ariel & Dr. Anat Horovitz (Faculty of Law, Hebrew University),  Prof. Kathryn Campbell (Department of Criminology,  University of Ottawa)  & Prof. Irwin Cotler (Faculty of Law, McGill University) held at the University of Ottawa in October 2019        2.  " The Legacy of G.A. Cohen: Ten Years on",  led by Prof. Shlomi Segall (Department of Political Science, Hebrew University), and Dr. Igor Shoikhedbrod (Department of Political Science, University of Toronto) held at the Hebrew University on December 10-11, 2019.    For workshop programme    3.  " Resilience among Children and Youth in Out-of-Home Care: Issues and Challenges in Child and Youth Care Research and Practice",  led by Prof. Shalhevet Attar-Scwartz (School of Social Work, Hebrew University),  and Prof. Robert J. Flynn (School of Psychology,  University of Ottawa)   held at the Hebrew University on February 18-20, 2020.      For workshop programme