Israeli-Canadian Workshops 2012-13

The four following joint Israeli-Canadian workshops have been scheduled for the 2012-13 year:
1. Prof. Eran Feitelson, Hebrew University, & Prof. Paul Kay, University of Waterloo: "Governing Water in the Face of Uncertainty," May 14-16, 2011.


2. Dr. Shlomi Segall, Hebrew University, Prof. Iwao Hirose, McGill University, and Prof. Adina Preda, Universite de Montreal: "Equality of Opportunity in Theory and Practise," December 6-7. 2012.
3. Prof. Assaf David, Hebrew University, & Prof. Oded Haklai, Queens University: "Governing Ethnic Diversity," December, 2012.
4. Prof. Tammar B. Zilber, Hebrew University, & Prof. Roy Suddaby, University of Alberta: "Sorting out the Ideational in Institutional Processes," May, 2013.