Visiting Professors 2017-2018

The Halbert Centre offers funding to visiting professors to teach courses with significant Canadian content at the Hebrew University's faculties of humanities, social science, and law, and in the schools of social work and education.

Prof. Adam Cohen of the University of Toronto's Department of Art History was hosted by the Departments of History and Jewish History, and conducted an intensve mini course entitled "Limits and Possibilities of Art for Recovering Medieval Daily Life" in January 2018.




Prof. Claudia Ruitenberg of the University of British Columbia's Department of Educational Studies was hosted by the School of Education where she participated in a graduate student workshop on January 15, 2018 ad gave a public talk as a part of the departmental seminar on January 17, 2018.




Prof. Shauna Van Praagh of McGill's University's Faculty of Law Studies was hosted by the Faculty of Law where she gave a course entitled "Follw the Children: Law(s) and Identities"in April 2018. Prof. Van Praagh also gave a public lecture entitled "To be Frank: Frank Iacobucci, Storytelling and Canadian Law". 




Prof. Pierre-Emmanuel Moyse of McGill University's Faculty of Law was hosted by the Faculty of Law where he conducted a workshop entitled "Obsolescence by Design: the Apple of Discord"on May 9, 2018.





Prof. Brian Cowan of McGill University's Department of History and Classical Stusdies was hosted by the History Department where he conducted a student workshop entitled "Promises and Problems with the History of Emotions" and presided the department's Graduate Student Symposium on June 12, 2018.