Visiting Professors: 2014-2015

The Halbert Centre offers funding to visiting professors to teach courses with  significant Canadian content at the Hebrew University's faculties of humanities, social science, and law, and in the schools of social work and education.

During the academic year 2014-2015, the Halbert Centre  hosted Prof. Adam Dodek, Prof. Ron Gillis, Prof. Suanne Kelman, Prof. Jefferey Kopstein, and Prof. Thanasis Stengos.
Prof. Adam Dodek of the Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa, gave a course on the  Supreme Court of  Canada and the Canadian Constitution at the Faculty of Law, Hebrew University.


Prof. Emeritus A.R. Gillis, Sociology, University of Toronto, gave a course on "Cities, Social Pathology, and Deviance Service Centres"at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2015. He also delivered a public lecture,"The Institutionalization of Insanity in 19th-Century France: A Time-series Analysis".

Prof. Suanne Kelman, Ryerson University Department of Journalism, was hosted by  the Hebrew University's Communications Department for a four-day visit, during which she presented her research. Prof. Kelman delivered a public lecture titled "Shooting the Messenger: Canada's Mania for Secrecy".
Prof. Jeffery Kopstein, of the University of Toronto's Department of International Relations, was hosted by the Hebrew University's Department of International Relations, and gave a three-week course on "Civil-Military Relations.” Prof. Kopstein delivered a public lecture titled "Why Do We Read the Classics of IR and Comparative Politics?".
Prof. Thanasis Stengos, University of Guelph Department of Economics and Finance, was hosted for a short visit by the Hebrew University's Department of Economics , and discussed his research on econometric theory — in particular non-parametric econometrics — with the department's research students.