Research Report Series

Publications in the Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies and Israel Association for Canadian Studies Research Series
  • No. 1: Boaz Tsairi, The Impact of Bill C-31 on the Moricetown Indian Band, (1990).
  • No. 2: Danielle Schaub, Fictional Worlds of Disintegration: Mavis Gallant’s Short Stories, (1994).
  • No. 3: Gabriel Liphshitz, Regional Disparities, Immigration, & Internal Migration: The Canadian Case in the Theoretical Context, (1996).
  • No. 4: Arza Churchman and Rachel Kallus, Women's Safety in the Urban Environment - The Canadian Experience and its Applicability to the Israeli Context, (2001).
  • No. 5: Joseph B. Glass, Canadian Studies in Israel: The First Twenty Years, (2003).