Occasional Papers Series

    · No. 1: Albert Rose, The State of the Canadian Conservative Welfare State, 1985
    · No. 2: Sally F. Zerker, OPEC: The Last Gasp?, 1986
    · No. 3: Abraham Rotstein, The Use and Misuse of Economics in Cultural Policy, 1986
    · No. 4: Abraham Doron, Income Maintenance Provisions for the Elderly in Canada and Israel: A Cross-Country Comparison, 1987
    · No. 5: Jack R. London, The Canadian Experience in Mandatory Retirement: A Human Rights Perspective, 1989
    · No. 6: Symour M. Lipset, Canada and the United States Compared, 1989
    · No. 7: Bryan H. Massam, Decision Theory, Public Choice & The Location of Public Facilities, 1990
    · No. 8: Dov Shinar, Communication and Aging: A Canadian-Israeli Preliminary Exploration of Demand and Supply, 1990
    · No. 9: Ernie S. Lightman, Work Incentives in Canada, Britain and Israel, 1990
    · No. 10: David N. Wilson, Exploratory Study of "Technical-Vocational Education" Policy-Making, 1991
    · No. 11: Howard H. Irving and Michael Benjamin, Family Mediation in Canada and Israel: A Comparative Analysis, 1992
    · No. 12: Morris Altman,The Evolution Of Plant Size In Canadian Manufacturing,1870-1910, 1993
    · No. 13: Morris Altman and Louise Lamontagne, Gender Pay Inequality and Occupational Change in Canada, 1900-1930, 1993
    · No. 14: Eran Razin and Andre Langlois, Metropolitan Characteristics and Entrepreneurship Among Immigrants and Ethnic Groups in Canada, 1994
    · No. 15: Benjamin Levin, Why So Little Education Reform in Canada?, 1994
    · No.16: Anya Mali, New World Spirituality:Mystical Writings of Missionaries in 17th Century Canada, 1994
    · No. 17: Benjamin Levin, Rethinking Resources in Education, 1994
    · No. 18: Avni Haim, Canada, Argentina and the Jews until World World II: The Impact of Immigration and Industrialization Policies on the Formation of Two Diasporas, 1996
    · No. 19: M. Dennis Gouldman, Water Resources Law And Administration: Can Israel Learn From Canada?, 1997
    · No. 20: Ayal Kimhi, Ray Bollman, Family Farm Dynamics in Canada and Israel: The Case of Farm Exits, 1997
    · No. 21: Nora Gold, Canadian Jewish Women and their Experiences of Antisemitism and Sexism: Results from Phase One of a National Study, 1998
    · No. 22: Iris Geva-May, Allan Maslove, What Prompts Health Care Policy Change? On Health Care Policy and Political Power Contests - A Comparative Study: Israel and Canada, 1999