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Public Services Under Stress: A Canadian-Israeli Policy Review

This volume reflects on a period of major change in the provision of public services in Israel and Canada. In showing the effects of cutbacks in funding, limitations in access, and threats to the universality of public service provision, the book emphasizes that this stress also marks a shift in political values leading to changing roles for the state in the lives of the residents of the two nations. The analysis of public service provision included in this collection also demonstrates the...

Planning in Turbulence

This collection of articles by Canadian and Israeli academics is divided into three parts; the first deals with general perspectives on planning as a generic activity and its role in a context of conditions of intense change and uncertainty; the second presents a series of illustrations of the dissonance between planning as a force of order set within disorderly environments; and the third provides context for this discussion at the global level and in terms of the reflections of reflections by...

The Toronto School of Communication Theory: Interpretations, Extensions, Application

'This collection aims to re-assess the existence and re-evaluate the contribution of the Toronto School of Communication. Both editors and contributors are to be commended for assembling a well researched and timely study featuring excellent papers, insightful views, and vigorous critical assessment. The Toronto School of Communication Theory will certainly appeal to media students and scholars, as well as anyone interested in the individuals who come under discussion.' Derrick de...

Metropolitan Governing: Canadian Cases, Comparative Lessons

Eran Razin and Patrick J. Smith (eds.), Metropolitan Governing: Canadian Cases, Comparative Lessons, 2006