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Conditions of the Civic State

Byran M. Massam, Conditions of the Civic State, 2000
Conditions of the Civil StateThe civic state functions by covenant, consensus, contract and compact to protect and enhance the lives of all citizens living in a defined territory. The civic state promotes the public good. Attempts to describe conditions encourage the use of so-called objective indicators and measures of levels of achievement, outcomes and distribution patterns to assess trends and consequences of policy decisions. It is clear however that matters such as legitimacy, identity, citizenship, self-worth and civility are critical elements of a civic state and they typically defy objective assessment.
This book elaborates on a full range of conditions of a civic state drawing on literature from many branches of the social sciences. The tensions arising from global linkages and needs of citizens for local attachment are explored. Detailed case studies for Canada are included to illustrate how the state develops policies to deal with matters concerning refugees, aboriginal peoples, local communities, children and the environment.