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Precarious Present/ Promising Future?

Danielle Schaub, Janice Kulyk Keefer, Richard E. Sherwin (eds.), Precarious Present / Promising Future? Ethnicity and Identities in Canadian Literature, 1996
Precarious Present/Promising Future?

This collection of essays by feminist scholars from Canada and Israel explores the various aspects of Canadian identities and ethnic realities. A major source of tension and political conflict today, ethnicity and the problematics of identities inspire Canadian writers of all origins; to give a true picture of their society, they feel the urge to express their difference. The essays examine the voices of minority writers and of established writers from the two solitudes, whose views with regard to their identities and place in society highlight the specificity of the Canadian context. The book throws light on the paramount need to define one's position and identity in contrast to others, a need that may deny others the right to their own space. Foregrounding the diversity of perspectives characterizing Canada's society, this volume will prove useful to students and researchers of Canadian Literature and the Social Sciences.