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Public Services Under Stress: A Canadian-Israeli Policy Review

Arthur M. Kruger, David Morley, Arie Shachar (eds.), Public Services Under Stress: A Canadian-Israeli Policy Review, 1993
Public Services Under StressThis volume reflects on a period of major change in the provision of public services in Israel and Canada. In showing the effects of cutbacks in funding, limitations in access, and threats to the universality of public service provision, the book emphasizes that this stress also marks a shift in political values leading to changing roles for the state in the lives of the residents of the two nations. The analysis of public service provision included in this collection also demonstrates the effect of constitutional, strategic, demographic and economic changes during the eighties. While these forces reflect distinctive national characteristics demonstrated in the two countries, they also demonstrate the impact of wider changes associated with such global trends as: fiscal integration and the emergence of trade blocs, technological change, dominance of multinational corporations, and the growing effects of an international division of labor. The book demonstrates in an area of direct and daily importance to all citizens of these vastly different countries, that the "stress" associated with public services in only part of an overall questioning of values and institutions, and of large-scale social and economic restructuring process.