Peter Lougheed Fellowship

The Peter Lougheed Fellowship in Canadian
Peter Lougheed Graduate Fellowship in Canadian Studies - - In Memorium
It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Canadian leader and philanthropist Peter Lougheed, on September 13, 2012. "Canada lost a truly great man,” Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said in a statement, "Peter Lougheed was quite simply one of the most remarkable Canadians of his generation.” Peter Lougheed was born in Calgary to Edgar and Edna Lougheed of Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was his wife Jeanne Rogers from whom he learned to appreciate the world of music, ballet, opera and theater, and through his grandparents Lady Isabella and Sir James Lougheed that Peter inherited his pioneer spirit and strong sense of community service.
The magnitude of his contributions and accomplishments in the fields of law and politics did not prevent Peter Lougheed from undertaking his many important charitable interests which included health, culture, public spaces and education. Among these, the "Peter Lougheed Fellowship at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem" was established to enable an annual fellowship grant (or grants) to be awarded to excelling Hebrew University research students or post-doctoral scholars to travel to Canada for a period of six to ten months to further their study and research in Canadian Studies.
The establishment of the Peter Lougheed Fellowship in Canadian Studies covered a major existing lacuna and is of great importance in ensuring the future of Canadian Studies in Israe through the encouragement and support for young and promising scholars.
Each recipient of the grant is selected by the Academic Committee of the Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies on the basis of the academic excellence of the candidates and the relevance of their work for Canadian Studies. Since its establishment, there have been a total of 30 Peter Lougheed Fellows.
We thank Peter Lougheed for his generosity and his invaluable contributions to advancing Canadian Studies, bolstering the research of young scholars, and deepening the ties between Israel and Canada through higher education.
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Below is the full list of Peter Lougheed Fellows.



Tamar Shroitman

Itay Fischhendler


Shlomo Gruner

Doron Bar


Galit Leif-Grunblat

Rona May-Ron

Nachshon Peretz


Uriel Abulof

Nitsan Levy

Shana Mauer

Yaad Rotem


Ofer Kenig

Yitzhak Dahan


Anna Kosner

Uriel Abulof

Israel Pupko


Edo Eshet


Sharon Arieli

David Hadar


Emmanuelle Moscovitz

Ohad Raveh

Elad Rom

Shana Rosenblatt-Mauer

Sivan Slapak


Rona May-Ron


Ranit Grossaug


Amit Tubi


Eran Ben Ari

Gidon Jakar


Keren Borenstein-Nativ

Lauren Abecassis-Kandravy

Inbar Mizrahi


Alon Zoizner
 Vardit Lightstone
 Rachel Zeliger