2016 Jerusalem Conference

The 15th Jerusalem Conference in Canadian Studies
Jerusalem, Israel, 23-25 May, 2016
Rethinking Diversity and Multiculturalism:
Global and Local Challenges

Both Canada and Israel face the significant challenges of balancing liberal values and national
interests with the highly diverse composition of their societies, which contain a broad range of
religious, national, ethnic, linguistic and cultural minorities. The ethos of diversity and
multiculturalism, considered in the last decades as holding great promise, has lost some of its allure,
due to global events, economic pressures and concerns about long term effects for certain community
members (such as women and children), inter-group relations and national unity. The Halbert Centre
for Canadian Studies and the Israel Association for Canadian Studies will hold a three-day conference
at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to explore, from multi-disciplinary perspectives, the ways in
which Canada and Israel cope with these challenges, within the following six subthemes:
• Constitutional and Legal Concerns
• Literature, the Arts and Identity
• Political Challenges in National and International Arenas
• Discourse, Communications and Media
• New Directions in Culture and Society
• Migration, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Confirmed keynote speakers for the conference are the Honourable Lloyd Axworthy; Primary sectional speakers include Prof. Stephen Toope, Prof. Alain-G. Gagnon, Prof. Benson Honig, Prof. Smaro Kamboureli, and Prof. Priscilla Settee.
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